Dear SharkFactions players,

I have just added a lot of new mining quests to the server. There are currently 60 mining quests and I will be adding a lot more quests in the future. I have added a new plugin that allows you to get certain bonusses by equiping the whole armor set. For now there is just the Phantom set that is available in the Epic Crates which grants +25% damage when fully equiped. There will be new and cool sets added in the future. I will also add a plugin that makes bosses spawn at random times at random places in the map. By killing a boss, you will be rewarded with some valuable loot. I will also combine the quest and bosses plugin so you will be able to complete certain quests by killing cer...

Dear SharkFactions players,

The Factions plugin has been changed to a new one. If you join the server, you will have to create your faction again and claim your land again if you had any claims. I have also added a new feature to the plugin: Factions Top.

The Faction server will reset at the 25th of June 2020. After the reset the top 3 factions will receive a reward.
The rewards are:
#1: 1x Myth Rank, 3x Epic Key
#2: 1x Titan Rank, 2x Epic Key
#3: 1x Lord Rank, 1x Epic Key

The leader of the faction may choose who will receive the rank and the keys. If the person who wins already has the rank he has won, he will be able to...

Dear SharkFactions players,

We will switch to another Factions plugin that works a lot better than the one we have now. The plugin we currently have, has a lot of buggs and errors. The plugin that we will switch gives a lot more possebilities. As a player you wont notice much of the switch, accept for the fact that you have to create your faction again and reclaim your land. The server will be down at May 25th, 20:00 UTC+2. This will take around 1 hour. The new plugin also gives us the possebility to add a better Factions Top.

- iiShark

Dear SharkFactions players,

I have been working on the website for quite some time now, and I am happy to announce that it is finally open for players to use. Feel free to create an account and start using our forums. I am still working on the website, so if you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions, please let me know them via the following link:

We will continue posting updates concerning our server on the forum. Updates will no longer be posted in the Discord server. The Discords server main use will be direct communication. You can still use the Discord server to ask ...


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